Meet The Team

question-markWho are we?

We are a team of gaming enthusiasts who just love gaming! We have a real passion for games such as Footnote, PUBG, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Rocket League and Fifa.

We cover retro-gaming, indie gaming, Triple-A games and attend major events across the UK

Check out our super cool profile’s below.

Neil - Meet The Team

Neil loves gaming.

You want to know more?
OK, Neil plays games.

More still?
OK, Neil has immersed himself in gaming and is always first to try out something new. He lives and breaths gaming and will patiently describe his adventures to anyone who has an interest.

He constantly comes up with new ideas and seems to exist in a perpetual state of gaming excitement.

He runs a business and takes care of his family, but the first sentence said it all.

Neil loves gaming !


Filip - Meet The Team


Hailing from a foreign land far, far away (ok, not that far), Filip began his gaming addiction a long time ago.
Even though he has experienced gaming on all major platforms, he is still an exclusive member of the PC Master Race, and can be often spotted sneering at console players.

His love started with classic titles like Theme Hospital and Roller Coaster Tycoon, and continues onto CS:GO and whatever is usually on Steam sales. Nowadays, you can catch him failing at Fortnite and blaming 90% of everything on lag.

He once won a Tekken 7 tournament just for fun with no practice. True story.
Loves: Hoarding unnecessary loot, reloading after two fired bullets, wasting his youth on YouTube.
Is Afraid Of: Eventually finding someone taller than him.
Special Interests: Digging up Atlantis, The life and work of Dwayne The Rock Johnson


Cassie - Meet The Team


Short Intro: *voiceover by Morgan Freeman*

And when the truth finally dawns:
It dawns in fire.
There’s one they fear.
In their tongue, she’s Dovahkiin:
Dragon Born!
Cassandra Dragonborn Dothraki in fact!!


Ok, that’s a lie it’s just Cassie.
The intro was too epic and now there’s no back up for it
Find the Dragonborn getting to 90% completion in games with hella sidequests (then moving on).

Recalling episodes from Saved by the Bell.

She fell in love with gaming when she discovered  Goldeneye on N64 and Zelda: a link to the past.

Fun fact: Cassie bought Injustice:Gods Among Us on release date. She got her butt kicked, she cried and refused to play the game again. It haunts her like Justin does Britney.
If it’s a weekend she’s binge watching Netflix and failing her diet with Japanese delights.Loves:
Biker mice from mars
PC gaming and Xboning (giggity)
The pink, white and the black ranger. The others can suck on pillows.
Anime with risqué jokes

Geralt of Riveria

Special Interests:

Hearthstone, failing at dancing, writing things.


Invisible Joe lives in a dungeon. He surfaces once a day for feeding and grooming. He casts mysterious digital spells and can often be found muttering strange incantations at low breath, in low light, whilst wearing strange garb.

Space Invaders, or the “Green Meanies” as he called them was his first experience of an arcade computer game, soon to be followed by Super Mario on an old Nintendo and then Need For Speed on a PC.

He is mostly on the level but has been known to wander through various arches in search of more light to aid his understanding of life and its various pitfalls. Muttering strangely, of course.

Many long hours have been wasted playing chess on Yahoo, with a sudden retiral brought on by a desire to preserve a rating at the top level, as if anyone really cared! He took up suicide chess where the object was to lose all the pieces including the king whilst forced capture was in operation. He lost lots, so won plenty. Or perhaps it was the other way round.
Mutters quietly.

Has been heard yelling at a computer “behave you swine or I’ll pull your plug out”
Strange mutterings indeed.
Loves: T’internet
Hates: Ignorance
Favourite saying: An apostrophe is the difference between knowing your sh*t and knowing you’re sh*t